Brief History

¡@¡@Back in 1983, Hong Kong was shaken by the 1997 handover. Amid the turmoil, local church leaders came and prayed together for the unity of the church. As a result, the Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement (HKCRM) was born in 1985.

¡@¡@In 1988, we launched Mission Hong Kong 2000, providing direction, strategy and models for churches to prepare for the future change.

¡@¡@In 1994, we merged with Hong Kong Evangelism 2000 to serve in spiritual renewal and pastoral renewal. Starting from 1994, we conducted the Hong Kong Church Survey every five years.

¡@¡@In 1996, we promoted and empowered a prayer ministry for the city, Reaching the city for Christ. Since 1996, we invited Ed Silvoso, Eddie & Alice Smith separately to lead local conferences and workshops.


Mission HK ¢w 2000 (April 1988)

¡@¡@In 1997, we hosted the Marching in Unity Conference, helping local churches work with the realities of pre- and post-handover situations. We also hosted seminars on church planting and leadership development by inviting Dr. Robert E. Logan and David Chiu to speak to local pastors.

¡@¡@HKCRM also provides supportive services for local pastors and their families. We organized retreats to pastors, pastors¡¦ wives, and their kids.

Pastors' Retreat (Sept., 2003)

Our Vision and Goals

Building Healthy Churches

¡@¡@We are the regional partner and sole agent of International Natural Church Development (NCD), conducting church health surveys for over 150 churches in Hong Kong. We also provide NCD I Facilitator Training and NCD II Coach Training to the pastors. ¡§NCD Newsletter¡¨ has been issued periodically.

Rev. David Chiu speaking at NCD II Coach Training

Dr. Bob Logan speaking at 2004 Leadership Conference

Empowering Local Pastors

¡@¡@We focus to serve & support pastors for their growth and ministry. Over the years, we have been inviting a number of international speakers, e.g., Ray Bakke, J. I. Packer, Howard Synder, Richard Foster, Hans Burki, James Houston, Walter Wright, Leonard Sweet, Bob Logan, Ted Yamamori and Gene Wood to enrich pastoral spirituality and kingdom ministries. We also provide professional counseling service to local pastors and parachurch workers.

Dr. Ted Yamamori speaking at 2005 HK Church Mission Conference

Dr. Gene Wood
Speaking at Leading Turnaround Church Seminar (March. 2006)

Surveying Church Trends

¡@¡@We provide data and findings about the trends and development of Hong Kong churches. The findings and insights from the Hong Kong Church Survey will provide direction for local congregations to implement their mission & ministry.

2004 Hong Kong Men's Rally

Fostering Kingdom Partnership

¡@¡@We represent a wide spectrum of evangelical leaders who are committed to work together for the renewal of the church as well as our prophetic role in the society. We co-ordinate Alliance for The Family, Church Concern for the Unemployed, Hong Kong Gambling Watch, and so forth. At present, we host three websites: www.hkchurch.org , www.chinesepastor.com, and www.hkcrm.org.hk for information sharing and communication among local & global Christian community.

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